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At Sofitel Grand Sopot, we care for our planet and promote ecological practices in the hotel industry. It’s more enjoyable with us, knowing that our actions contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection.

Green Key Certificate

We take pride in being awarded the prestigious Green Key certificate at Sofitel Grand Sopot, an international standard in sustainable ecotourism. Green Key is an ecological certification program that promotes sustainable practices in areas such as energy conservation, water preservation, waste management, and environmental education. It’s a step in the right direction for our planet.

Our Mission

At Sofitel Grand Sopot, we blend comfortable stays with environmental consciousness. Our mission is to minimize our impact on nature while providing our guests with a luxurious experience.

Sustainable Development Initiatives

Energy and Water Conservation: We use energy-efficient lighting and devices, reducing our energy and water consumption.

Waste Reduction: We promote waste segregation and minimize single-use packaging.

Local Products: In our restaurants and bars, we use local products, supporting local suppliers.

Education and Awareness: We educate our guests and staff about environmental conservation, encouraging ecological initiatives.

Our Actions

Transportation: We promote eco-friendly transportation methods such as hybrid and electric taxis and bike rentals.

Recycling: We recycle soap, segregate waste, and use eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Plastic Minimization: We avoid single-use plastic products, using wooden room keys and glass bottles for water.

Restaurant: We offer vegan and vegetarian dishes, avoid single-use plastic products, and manage food waste.

Engaged Employees

Bicycle Commuting: We encourage bicycle commuting among our staff.

Ecological Initiatives: We organize beach and forest cleaning events, promoting eco-friendly behavior.

Technical Solutions: Our technical department has implemented various ecological solutions, including energy and water usage control systems and energy-efficient lighting.

Thank you for supporting our ecological initiatives!



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